A Letter from Elder Gordon Henderson

A few days before Christmas a three year old with her father was at the tree laden with gifts.  She was picking up, examining, shaking, and guessing what was inside every package.  Then in a burst of inspiration, she picked up a big red bow that had fallen off one present and held it on the top of her head.  Looking up at her father with twinkle in her eye and a smile beaming on her face she enthused, “I’m a present to you”

As we are busy with our gift selections at this time of year everyone of us that call ourselves Christians must be able to say to our Lord, “here I am a gift to you”.  As it says in the book of Romans 6:13 we are to “present ourselves to God … as instruments of righteousness.”  He has done so much for us we, in thankfulness, can give our bodies and all as a love gift to Him.

Christmas is a time when we commemorate God’s greatest gift to mankind – His Son Jesus Christ.  As we contemplate the love that prompted such giving, these words must ring in our ears.

What shall I give Thee Master
Thou hast given all to me
Not just a part or half of my heart
I will give all to Thee

With Christian Love,
Elder Gordon Henderson
Pastor, and elected pastor for the Fellowship

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