Greek Bible Lessons History

On November 28, 2001 we received the shipment of the Greek Discover Bible lessons that were printed in  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada by the Maracle Press. It was the fulfillment of a dream, which started back in 1994 when Nick and Ramona Germanis, who were in charge of the Greek Voice of Prophecy Bible school realized the need of a new series of Bible lessons because the old lessons were outdated and also almost finished.  After seeing the new English Discover series that the VOP had just printed they thought it would be an excellent series to translate into Greek. Katerina Eravinidou from Greece agreed to translate these lessons. She put them directly onto a lap top computer. The proof-reading was also done in Greece. The fundraising for the project began in 1996.  The goal was reached by 1999.  Friends and relatives of our Greek Fellowship contributed to this project. George Dialectakis, the president of the Greek Fellowship, was responsible for the proof-reading and printing of these lessons. These Discover lessons have been distributed to Greece, Cyprus, New York, Montreal, Toronto, and California.

Nick and Ramona Germanis were missionaries in Greece and Cyprus for 35 years. Several times when  Elder HMS Richards Sr. came to Greece he would come by the Greek Mission, where Nick was the Mission president.  Elder Richards encouraged Nick to go on radio in the United States in the Greek language.  In 1969, while on furlough  Nick made his first radio recordings for the Greek Voice of Prophecy to be aired on a  New York station.  He spoke on the same station for 23 years. Every time Nick  would come on furlough he would make recordings for the radio programs. His programs were also aired on stations in Florida, Mass. , Upper New York, Chicago, and California.

The first Greek VOP lessons were translated in the 50’s and a series Bible Speaks translated in Cyprus in the 70’s.  Elder and Mrs. Papastampoulis  and  Mrs. Kipriadakis  were in charge of the Bible school. After these individuals  could no longer do this work Dorothy Merriam,  Elena Papayanis and Helen Germnais did this work while we were overseas.

In 1991, when they returned on permanent return from the mission field, Nick took over the Bible school.  After his death in 1995, his wife continued  coordinating the Bible school.  She has Elder Christoforides, a retired pastor from Greece, who lives in Lodi, CA and others help her write letters and correct lessons. The Dwight Nelson net ’98 videos are also  available  in the Greek language.  Kim Papaioannou, a Greek pastor from England, translated these videos live. These videos are available for Europe as well as the United States. If anyone is interested in receiving the Greek Discover Bible course please write to

The Greek Voice
P. O. Box 67
Madera CA   93639-0067