A Letter from Christ

You are currently reading an urgent message from God. I, Christ, invite you to believe it. 

I am alive! 2000 years ago I was resurrected, and now I live in My heavenly kingdom. When I was on earth, I died by being crucified on a cross for your sins, so that you would not have to be destroyed in hell. If you believe in Me, I will save you from your sins, and you will live with Me forever. Read about Me in the Bible, the Gospel of Love. I am the true God, the One who sanctifies the repentant. 

I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the One who will free you from the snares of Satan. I created you, and I sustain you every day. Today I am your lawyer in the heavenly court, and tomorrow I will be your judge. Whether you love me or not, I am your true friend, and because I love you I want to save you from impending doom. 

So, here on earth I have a people who love me wholeheartedly, whom I saved by grace because salvation is My free gift. Salvation cannot be obtained through good works. Because my people love me, they keep all My Ten Commandments. They worship Me on the 7th day Sabbath, as the 4th Commandment states. I invite you to become a true disciple of Me, and I will make you happy, wise, and the Holy Spirit will dwell in you, bringing you peace, love, and joy. Soon, I will return to raise the righteous dead and together with the living saints I will receive all My faithful followers to My heavenly kingdom. Do you want me to take you too? 

If your answer is “YES,” we encourage you to get in touch with your brothers in Christ:
Greek Voice of Hope
PO Box 67, Madera, CA