Happy new Year!

The wish for happiness in the new year is repeated today by thousands of people all over the world. For some it is a simple formality. For others, it is an expression of desire, as the blessing of God fills their lives. A new year opens before us. No one can predict what will happen this year. When we have Christ in our hearts we know that nothing can happen in our lives if the Lord does not allow it. In Psalm 146: 5 we read: “Blessed is he whose helper is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God.” These words of encouragement are given to us in the Bible so we can have lasting and true happiness. When we accept God as our heavenly Father and our Protector, we will have peace in our lives. 

As we begin the new year, two paths will appear before us. One way is to move forward with God and the other is to move with the world. Who will you choose? The decision is yours. There is no middle ground. The lures of the world come and go, but the glory of God becomes greater and greater. Love, hope, and faith are more valuable than material things. 

If you want to reach the top, throw the weights of the old year off your shoulders. You will never reach the end with your heart full of hatred, envy, and bad habits. Let the Savior purify you, sanctify you, and dwell in your heart. If you completely entrust your life in God, your New Year will be the happiest year you have ever known!