The Story of Redemption


“THE STORY OF REDEMPTION”   At the beginning of the last millennium, several world events left a big question mark on the horizon. Are we, humans, destined for more hardship and suffering or will we see tomorrow change for the better? Some turn their hopes to political and scientific leaders, but the majority of philosophers, world leaders, and clergy are more cautious in where they place their trust. Is there hope and reassurance anywhere? In fact, there is. For those who prefer not to be discouraged by despair and think that God undoubtedly knows the difficult human situation and will change the course of events in a dramatic way, there is a way out. The readers of this book will discover deeper thoughts on which to base their optimistic point of view. Faith will be born in their hearts as they study the enlightening and dynamic narrative of humanity’s intense struggles against the dark forces of evil. The narrative is based on the biblical theme of the age-old conflict between the divine and satanic forces to control the will of human beings.  (369 pages)