Where do I come from?

Today, many scientists support the theory of evolution that Satan inspired in Darwin. They claim that billions of years ago, this universe was created by an explosion of matter that resulted in the formation of galaxies and all the planets, including the Earth. Then life on Earth started from a random cell. At some point in this random evolution, the ape evolved, and finally, the ape evolved into a human. Although this theory is considered scientific, experts have failed to prove it, and they cannot show us a monkey that became a human! 

God presents us with a simple description in His Holy Word, in answer to the question, “Where do I come from?” About 6000 years ago Christ “said… and it was done.” In a few simple words, and in just 6 days, the trees, the flowers, the beautiful birds and animals, the sea and the fish, and everything we see around us came into being. And on the 6th day, with His own hands, the God of the universe created man in the image and likeness of the Deity. 

The sad thing is that even religious leaders, like Pope Paul who accepted this theory shortly before his death, accept Darwin’s theory. They confess God with their lips only, but their heart is far from obedience and love for God. 

Although Darwin was an instrument of Satan to deceive mankind, God wants to reveal His mysteries to us. Are you ready to listen and believe in your happiness? 

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